Opening Night group exhibition “Nature” theme @bediagallery

Opening Night group exhibition “Nature” theme @bediagallery The enchanting world of nature takes center stage at the opening night of the “Nature” group exhibition, held at the prestigious @bediagallery. Rima Chahine, the gifted artist known for her captivating artworks, expressed her heartfelt gratitude for being part of this extraordinary event. The “Nature” theme has brought […]

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Arte & Lusso Magazine Covers Rima Chahine’s Solo Exhibition ‘Almaz’ at Andakulova Gallery

Arte & Lusso Magazine Covers Rima Chahine’s Solo Exhibition ‘Almaz’ at Andakulova Gallery We are thrilled to announce that Rima Chahine’s solo exhibition, ‘Almaz,’ at Andakulova Gallery has garnered attention from Arte & Lusso, an esteemed online magazine focusing on art, fashion, and luxury lifestyle in UAE and Italy. The magazine has featured an in-depth

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Rima Chahine’s by Gulf Today

Rima Chahine’s Artworks to be Featured at Andakulova Gallery Dubai as Reported by Gulf Today We are thrilled to share the wonderful news that Gulf Today, a prominent online news outlet, has reported on the upcoming solo exhibition of renowned Lebanese-Canadian artist Rima Chahine at Andakulova Gallery Dubai. The article by Muhammad Yusuf, a Features

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Rima Chahine\’s Almaz

Almaz by Rima Chahine Andakulova Gallery Dubai is proud to present the mesmerizing solo exhibition, “Almaz,” by Rima Chahine. From May 5th to June 5th, art enthusiasts can immerse themselves in a world where captivating beauty and profound emotions converge. The title “Almaz,” meaning “attractive” and “charming,” perfectly encapsulates the essence of this extraordinary collection.

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The Solo Exibition

The Solo Exibition Rima Chahine, the self-taught Canadian-bred and internationally-based artist with Lebanese roots, recently showcased her solo exhibition ‘Emotions’ at the Andakulova Gallery in Dubai in late April 2019. The exhibition featured 10-15 works that reflected Chahine’s instinctual, automatic creation process, which she describes as mood music, life and surroundings combining to create figure-free

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Power of Abstract Art

Power of Abstract Art Abstract art is more than just a collection of colors and shapes on a canvas. For artist Rima Chahine, it is a powerful tool for exploring emotions, connecting with others, and creating a meaningful and fulfilling life. In this article, we will explore the transformative power of abstract art and how

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Global Art Award

Global Art Award Rima Chahine is an emerging artist with Lebanese roots who has made a name for herself in the international art world with her richly hued, gestural abstract paintings. Her tableaux are unmistakably gestural and emotionally evocative, engaging layered acrylics that reference the seasonal and autumnal palette of her Montreal home. Chahine’s unique

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